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E-Bikes… What Do You Need To Know?

By April 10, 2023No Comments

I’m sure you or someone you know has an e-bike… it’s all the rage right now, right? But are you covered if something happened on that e-bike?


E-bikes are everywhere now it seems, making it more and more likely that accidents involving them will happen more often! You might be thinking…


What could happen?

  • E-bike collides with and injures a pedestrian (we’ve witnessed it!)
  • E-bike collides with another bike rider and injures them
  • E-bike merges without warning into a driving lane, causing an auto accident


Anything could happen! In the event of an accident such as or similar to the ones listed: owners of e-bikes, scooters and other micro-mobility devices could be held liable for damages and the injuries, disabilities or even deaths of others involved.


Most Homeowners Insurance policies exclude liability coverage when e-bikes or other micro-mobility devices are used to travel on public roads and sidewalks. We believe that your best move is to purchase a separate policy.


Call Sharon at (562)594-6541 ext. 1900 to discuss your situation and make sure you’re always covered!