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ATTN: Property Managers!

By May 1, 2023No Comments

ATTN: Property Managers!

As property managers, you’re dedicated to ensuring that your property owners and tenants the have the best possible experience while in your care. One way to do that is by offering comprehensive renters’ insurance. It’s an affordable way for tenants to protect their belongings, and it gives the property owner peace of mind knowing that a liability incident – resulting from the actions of a tenant – will likely not fall on the property owner.

At our insurance agency, we’ve been providing comprehensive and affordable insurance options for landlords and renters for many years. We recently partnered up with Assurant renters’ insurance because we genuinely believe that it is a wonderful option for renters and property owners.

Assurant renters’ insurance is easy to obtain and provides thorough coverage for your tenants, and it only takes 2 minutes for your tenants to purchase this online. These policies cover everything from personal belongs to liability protection, and tenants can customize their coverage to fit their needs.

By partnering with Assurant through us, you can offer your tenants a reliable and trustworthy insurance option that you can both depend on. We are committed to helping you protect your properties.

So why should you require your tenants to obtain renters insurance? Here are a few key reasons:

  1. Assurant renters insurance protects your tenants’ personal belongings. Renters insurance can protect your tenants’ personal belongings from theft, fire, and other unexpected events. This will give them peace of mind knowing that they are covered in case their property is damaged.
  2. Assurant can protect your property owners. If the tenants cause a cooking fire, for instance, your property owners can look to the tenant’s insurance for coverage.
  3. Assurant renters insurance can reduce the risk of disputes. In the event of a loss, having renters’ insurance can help to reduce the risk of disputes between you and your tenants. Your tenants will be able to file a claim with their insurance company, rather than relying on you to cover the cost of the loss. 

Contact us today at (562) 594-6541 to find out how you can easily provide this to your tenants!